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TGMC2-5 - Pressure relief modules -TGMC2-5-AB-GW-BA-GW-50
TGMC2-5 - Pressure relief modules -TGMC2-5-AB-GW-BA-GW-50

TGMC2-5-AB-GW-BA-GW-50 | Pressure Relief Module

Product SKU: 48261591
Model #: TGMC2-5-AB-GW-BA-GW-50
  • Hydraulic fluids: Mineral oil-based fluid, water-glycol based fluid (for FP type), phosphate ester. 
  • Relief function: Single relief valve, double relief valve 
  • Mounting dimensions: ISO 4401-05 
  • Control line: P>T relief (single relief valve only), A>T relief, B>T relief (single relief valve only), A>B relief 
  • Adjuster: Hex socket adjustment screw, knob 
  • Control line (for TGMC2): B>T relief (double relief valve only), B>A relief (double cross port relief valve only) 
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