Sub Plate

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  • F3 Phosphate Ester Fluid for Optimal Performance
  • Adaptor Plate: 31.5 MPa Max Working Pressure
  • ISO 4401-03 Mounting Dimensions for Easy Integration
  • Modular Design for Versatility
  • Trust Tokyo Keiki for Unparalleled Quality
  • Boost Productivity with Exceptional Hydraulic Solutions
  • Tokyo Keiki's TGMA-5 Series: F3 phosphate ester hydraulic fluid. 
  • ISO 4401-05 mounting dimensions for easy installation. 
  • Pipe connection: G1/4 bonded seal and Rc ¼ thread. 
  • Maximum working pressure: 21 MPa. 
  • Experience power, reliability, and cutting-edge technology with Tokyo Keiki's TGMA-5 Series