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TGMX2-5-PP-FW-G-50 | Pressure Reducing Module TGMX2-5-PP-FW-G-50 | Pressure Reducing Module
  • Hydraulic Fluid: Mineral Oil / Water Glycol (Standard), Phosphate Ester (F3) 
  • Mounting: ISO 4401-05 dimensions 
  • Control Ports: P, A, and B lines 
  • Multiple Adjustable Pressure Ranges to choose from.
  • Drain: External option available 
  • Piping connection: G1/8 Gauge port
  • High-performance, reliable hydraulic pressure reducing valve for optimized system efficiency.
  • ISO 4401-03 Mounting Dimensions for Easy Integration
  • 25 MPa Max Working Pressure
  • Compatible with standard mineral oil-based and water-glycol based fluids, option for phosphate ester (F3).
  • Trust Tokyo Keiki for Unparalleled Quality
TGMDC-8-Y-PK-10-S1 | Check Valve Module TGMDC-8-Y-PK-10-S1 | Check Valve Module
  • Tokyo Keiki TGMHX-3 Series Pressure Compensator Module 
  • ISO 4401-03 Mounting dimensions (L1 port added) 
  • Control line: P port 
  • Differential pressure: 0.4 MPa 
  • Exceptional performance and precise control 
  • Reliable and efficient operation 
  • Trusted Tokyo Keiki craftsmanship 
  • Elevate your hydraulic system with industry-leading technology.