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BLG - Balancer valves (Pressure reducing & relief valves) - BLG-02-C-20
BLG - Balancer valves (Pressure reducing & relief valves) - BLG-02-C-20

BLG-02-C-20 | Balancer Valve

Product SKU: 48401071
Model #: BLG-02-C-20
  • Tokyo Keiki BLG Series Balancer Valve: streamlines operations with integrated reducing and relief functions.
  • Freely adjustable balance pressure for optimal performance with varying loads.
  • Compact design eliminates the need for multiple valves, saving space.
  • Compatible with a range of hydraulic fluids, including F3 phosphate ester fluid.
  • Gasket mounting ensures easy installation and maintenance.
  • Pressure adjustment range of 1 to 7 MPa provides precise control.
  • Boost productivity with this advanced, space-saving hydraulic solution. 
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