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FN1G-3K-JA-30 | Flow Control Valve
FN1G-3K-JA-30 | Flow Control Valve
Tokyo Keiki

FN1G-3K-JA-30 | Flow Control Valve

Product SKU: 48675931
Model #: FN1G-3K-JA-30
  • Metered flow in one direction and free flow in the reverse direction
  • Available for flow control in both directions (S8 type)
  • Compatible with mineral oil-based, water-glycol based, and phosphate ester fluids
  • Tapered needle (standard) or notched needle (fine adjustment)
  • Slotted adjustment screw or micrometer knob
  • Out of Stock Models: Estimated Arrival 16 to 19 Weeks
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