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CVC - Cartridge Valve Covers - F3CVC-50-A-JT39-W-10-JA
CVC - Cartridge Valve Covers - F3CVC-50-A-JT39-W-10-JA

F3CVC-50-A-JT39-W-10-JA | Cartridge Valve Cover

Product SKU: 48256523
Model #: F3CVC-50-A-JT39-W-10-JA
  • Poppet valves control one-way flow in hydraulic systems.
  • Cartridge valves enhance design for bidirectional flow control.
  • Manifold blocks reduce leakage in hydraulic systems.
  • Offers high flows and efficiency.
  • Advantages: design flexibility, lower cost, improved reliability.
  • Considerations: high flow rates, pressure, compact size.
  • Cartridge valves optimize system performance with easy customization.
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