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F3CGR-02-AK-20-JA-J | Relief Valve
F3CGR-02-AK-20-JA-J | Relief Valve

F3CGR-02-AK-20-JA-J | Relief Valve

Product SKU: 48244250
Model #: F3CGR-02-AK-20-JA-J
  • Tokyo Keiki CGR-02 Series Relief Valve
  • Fluid Options: Mineral Oil or Phosphate Ester (F3)
  • Gasket-Mounted for Secure Fit
  • Adjustable Pressure: 3.5 to 21 MPa
  • Vent Pressure: Standard or High
  • Drain Configurations: Internal or External
  • Adjuster Options: Hex Head or Knob
  • Control Code for External Drain (Code J)
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