How to Install Seals?

How to Install Seals?

Improper seal installation stands as a significant contributor to seal failures, even in seemingly straightforward installations. Even the slightest error can result in premature failure, leading to substantial financial losses for industries due to unscheduled production downtime, installation time, and cleanup efforts. However, the good news is that these seal failures can be avoided and even completely eliminated by adhering to proper installation procedures:

  1. Thoroughly clean the seal bore and shaft, ensuring the removal of all burrs and nicks.
  2. Prior to installing the seal into the cavity, pre-lubricate the seal ID and shaft using a compatible pre-lube that matches the system lubricant. This pre-lubrication will facilitate easier seal installation and prevent dry running during initial start-up.
  3. Take measures to protect the seal lip from potential damage caused by sharp keyways, splines, and screw threads. Options include taping the keyway, inserting an element into it, or utilizing an assembly sleeve that is compatible with the shaft.
  4. Ensure the seal lip is properly oriented and pressed to the edge of the counterbore.
  5. Slide the seal over the shaft towards the seal housing. Initially, apply finger pressure with a slight rotating motion until the seal has a light press fit in the housing. Carefully maintain square and perpendicular alignment of the seal to the shaft during installation to avoid damage resulting from misalignment.
  6. Use an appropriate tool, specific to your seal/housing configuration, to complete the installation. Skillfully guide the seal to its final position. If using a plate, ensure its diameter is sufficiently large to connect with the face of the seal housing, ensuring the seal's straight and perpendicular alignment.

Counter Bore Installation: Squarely seat the seal against the counterbore to achieve proper alignment.

Counter Bore Installation – Flush Mount: Use a tool that bottoms out against the machined facing of the housing to align the properly.

Through Bore – Recessed Installation: Employ a tool that bottoms out against the end of the shaft to align the seal within the housing.

Through Bore – Tool Flush Installation: Use a tool that bottoms out against the machined facing of the housing to align the seal appropriately.

By diligently following these installation procedures, industries can significantly reduce seal failures and ensure effective and efficient sealing performance without incurring unnecessary downtime or financial losses.