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SQP432 series-Fixed size Vane Pumps-SQP432-50-30-15-86DCD-18
SQP432 series-Fixed size Vane Pumps-SQP432-50-30-15-86DCD-18

SQP432-50-30-15-86DCD-18 | Fixed Size Vane Pump

Product SKU: 48242033
Model #: SQP432-50-30-15-86DCD-18
  • Enjoy quiet and smooth operation with Tokyo Keiki's SQP Series vane pumps, designed for low noise levels. 
  • Enhance flexibility and reduce noise in your circuit design with multiple pump combinations. 
  • Experience easy maintenance with a rotating element in cartridge kit form.
  • Choose from hydraulic fluid options: omit mineral oil, select F3 phosphate ester fluid or F11 water glycol fluid.
  • Select delivery port positions: A (opposite suction), B (90º CCW), C (inline), D (90º CW). 
  • Trust Tokyo Keiki for superior quality, energy efficiency, and low noise performance.
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