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TOKIMEC (presently Tokyo Keiki)

Tokimec (Tokyo Keiki)



Tokimec (presently Tokyo Keiki) is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment. Tokimec provides a full range of hydraulic components such as pumps, valves, actuators, and related electronics and sensors, as well as standard and custom power units to customers worldwide. Many products are tailored for specific applications, such as plastics injection molding, diecast machinery, and machine tools. Tokimec has gained a reputation for products which provide superior value in terms of performance and quality.

Previous engineering and manufacturing partnerships between Tokimec Keiki and Sperry Vickers (now part of Eaton Hydraulics) resulted in products between the two companies that are easily cross-referenced.

Cascade Industrial Services currently stocks a large inventory of Tokyo Keiki (Tokimec) hydraulic valves, pumps and other related components.



  • Solenoid Directional Valves (DG3V, DG3S, DG4V, DG4VS, DG4VC, DG5S, DG5V, DG4M4, COM,
  • Pressure Control Valves
  • Flow Control Valves (LFCG, FCG, FG, DG15S2, DT15S2)
  • Hydraulic Motor (MHT, 25M, 35M, 45M, 50M, CRM, GR-M, GRH)
  • Check Valves
  • Cartridge Valves
  • Digital Valves
  • Manifold System (TMCD)
  • Proportional Valves (EPCG2, EPFG, RPFRG. EPDG1
  • Pumps (SQP, VQ, V-104, V-134, V-108, V-138, PH100, P16V)
  • Pressure Sensor (ETPF, ETPP)
  • Pressure Switch (ESMF, ESMP, ESPF, ESPP)
  • Servos Valve (ST3)
  • Power Packages / Units (Q-PAC, TU-PAC)
  • Valve Controllers (EPA, EPAD, P-X, P-Z, PB-X, PB-Z, STC-Y)